Laredo Connections Internet Solutions for Small Business

Reach further with wireless tech and symmetrical internet from $ 200.

A single stop for all your business tech needs.

Business internet solutions

Access to high-speed internet through the most stable and secure wireless symmetrical network.

Business email service

Choose our corporate email service with personalized domain, storage up to 25Gb per account, antispam and Outlook, webmail and mobile access.

Business class voice service

Sign up for the best digital phone service for business. Reach your clients with superior voice quality.

Experiencing technical problems? Call us, we’ll fix it in 2 hours or less.

Partner with us. We’ll help you keep your business on track.

Internet as you need it.
High-speed symmetrical internet.

We’re one of the most reliable internet providers in the area. We’ve designed a network to offer symmetrical internet to all our clients.


  • Reliable high-speed internet.
  • Equal upload and download speed.
  • Wireless internet.

We help you to unleash your tech potential and grow.

Edge technology for high-quality service and stable internet connection.

Technical assistance over phone and chat with the best solving time in the market. Under two hours.

Tailored solutions according to your business needs.

Ring-shaped network supply to ensure a stable signal without outages.

Fill out the form, and one of our consultants will contact you to build your most suitable telecom solution.