Laredo Connections Enterprise & Medium Business

Enterprise-class symmetrical internet networks.

A broad product portfolio to optimize your operation.

Business class internet

Keep your operation running unceasingly with speedy and reliable wireless symmetric internet.


Protect your business against major cyber threats. Add to your internet service monitoring, spyware removal, hacker prevention and more.

Corporate telecom

Add to your operation business-class mail and voice services. Sign up for Corporate email with antispam or HD internet telephony.

We offer the best issue solving time in the market.

Get your telecom problems fixed in less than two hours.

Our symmetrical internet adapts to your business needs and growth.

We’ve designed a network to offer symmetrical internet to all our clients. Our services adapt to our client’s operative needs and consumption patterns. With the assistance of our customer service center, you can increase or decrease your speed on demand.


  • Reliable high-speed internet.
  • Equal upload and download speed.
  • Wire-free internet.

We’re a company focused on telecom problem-solving.

Edge technology and ring-shaped network structure. For high-quality service and stable internet connection.

Technical assistance with the best solving time in the market. Under two hours.

Tailored telecom solutions designed accordingly to your business needs.

Access to our private ring-shaped network designed for stable lossless internet.

Get your telecom problems fixed in less than two hours.


Protect your business with 24/7 real-time protection against major cyber threats. Upgrade your telecom service with complete monitoring, spyware removal, hacker prevention and more.


  • World-class internet security
  • Browse safely.
  • Protect your data and sensitive information.

Corporate Telecom

Boost your operation with Corporate email and HD voice service.

Voice service

An innovative and trustworthy solution to help you connect with your customers. Enjoy HD calls.

Corporate email

Improve your email service from $1 with unlimited alias. Easily access to webmail or integrate to Outlook and mobile apps. Power up your email with powerful spam filters and reports.

Sign up for symmetrical internet and speed up your work today.

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